My enthusiasm for textiles originated in the local quilt shops of Lebanon and Lancaster counties. I would trail behind my mom weaving up and down the aisles completely engrossed by all the patterns overflowing the shelves. I would spend hours pulling bolts from different corners of the store to create my own collections. Reflecting back upon those first few projects, I smile at the selections an 8 year old makes.

I joined 4-H to learn more about garment construction, quilting, hand sewing and hand beading. With each new project I delighted in the fabric selection and I began to wonder who creates the fabrics I love. My mom quickly answered, "that would be a textile designer".  Not long thereafter, we sat down at the computer to search for colleges with a program. I am pretty sure my entire higher education search began and concluded in one afternoon. I just knew it was the right fit.


Four years later I graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science. The programs, classes and hands-on experience I gained while there were so eye-opening. Textile design began as a love for print, but broadened out into a multifaceted field with so many career paths to explore. Between the 3 concentrations of print, knit and weave I could not choose a favorite. Happily, the choice was made easier when Abercrombie & Fitch visited our campus on a recruiting trip. After a lengthy interview process and a snowy visit to the A&F campus, I accepted an offer as an assistant CAD designer.


I now have 6 years experience in a fast paced retail environment, a strong foundation of creative and technical skills, and expertise in building beautiful patterns in effortless repeats. While the majority of my responsibilities at A&F were building pattern, I continued to work with knits and wovens by supporting the sweaters, accessories and outerwear teams.